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cultural appropriation. they love everything about us but us.

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Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America by Eugene Robinson

The African American population in the United States has always been seen as a single entity: a “Black America” with unified interests and needs. In his groundbreaking book, Disintegration, Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist Eugene Robinson argues that over decades of desegregation, affirmative action, and immigration, the concept of Black America has shattered. Instead of one black America, now there are four:• a Mainstream middle-class majority with a full ownership stake in American society; 
• a large, Abandoned minority with less hope of escaping poverty and dysfunction than at any time since Reconstruction’s crushing end; 
• a small Transcendent elite with such enormous wealth, power, and influence that even white folks have to genuflect; • and two newly Emergent groups—individuals of mixed-race heritage and communities of recent black immigrants—that make us wonder what “black” is even supposed to mean.Robinson shows that the four black Americas are increasingly distinct, separated by demography, geography, and psychology. They have different profiles, different mindsets, different hopes, fears, and dreams. What’s more, these groups have become so distinct that they view each other with mistrust and apprehension. And yet all are reluctant to acknowledge division. Disintegration offers a new paradigm for understanding race in America, with implications both hopeful and dispiriting. It shines necessary light on debates about affirmative action, racial identity, and the ultimate question of whether the black community will endure.

I’ve reblogged this book at least 4 times. All this talk about “new Black” has brought it back to my mind.

I will never understand black people who either vote Republican or run as one.

The teachers at one of the schools I work at put up these pictures of themselves in the 80’s. You can see the fascination in the kids eyes when they look at it.

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"If Africa wasn’t beautiful the white man wouldn’t want it"- Malcolm X

Think About It!

And if we weren’t so powerful and knowledgeable, they wouldn’t want to destroy us!




I love how Tumblr keeps me posted on black success, because you won’t hear it on the regular news. I’m extremely proud of all these stories i’ve been reading about black high school students getting into not one, but multiple ivy league schools.